2023 Ordinance No. 04182023-1 To Regulate Traffic on State Line Road

2023 Ordinance No. 02142023-1 To Establish Parking Restrictions on Portions of Devils Lane

2022 Ordinance No. 11142022-1 Re: Overpayments to the Town

2022 Ordinance No. 05092022-2 To Regulate Traffic On Portions of Six Corners Road

2022 Ordinance No. 05092022-1 To Regulate Traffic On Portions of Cobblestone Road

2022 Ordinance No. 01182022-3 Requiring Payment of Local Claims

2022 Ordinance No. 01182022-2 Short Term Rental Ordinance

2022 Ordinance No. 01182022-1 Road Bond (Amended)

Ordinance No. 12142021-3 Charge Back of Fees

Ordinance No. 12142021-2 Road Bond Policy

Ordinance No. 12142021-1 Citations

2021 Ordinance No. 09222021-1 To Regulate Traffic on Portions of Lakeville Road

2021 Ordinance No. 04202021-1Establishing a Fee to Recover Costs for Emergency Calls and Emergency Services Fee Schedule Resolution No. 04202021-1

2019 Ordinance No. 08302019-1 to provide for stop signs on Town Hall Road @ Brick Church Road

Ordinance No. 01082019-1 an Ordinance to Adopt 2050 Comprehensive Plan

2018 7-9 Bartenders License Ordinance

Speed limit ordinance 11-1-2012

Snow Removal Ordinance-Policy

Smoking Prohibited Ordinance No. 9-12-2017-1 - Smoking-Ord-signed


Road Cleanup Ordinance-Manure etc.

Public Nuisances Ordinances No. 12-12-17

Citations Ordinance No. 5142018-1

Ordinance-No.-04162013-1-Ordinance to Require Certificate of No Hazardous Materials Prior to Permits Being Issued




Approved map for UTV ATV Ordinance

Ordinance-1-8-2013-Ordinance 1-8-2013 ATV-UTV

UTV-ATV T of Walworth Road Map